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Here's the fest!

-Pick a challenge from the challenge section...preferably one that's not answered. (…)

-Write a spring theme to that challenge or create artwork for it.

-Wait until told to post.

The Fest writing may begin at any time.  The Fest will end June 20th.  

I also need those participating to inform me, either by commenting or Emailing (spring fest challenge as subject please) this will help me put a timetable for posting together.  I believe it works better when we post one a day as not to overload the readers.  

Everything sound good? Questions/Comments please comment below or email starangel!

(email: starangel2106 at…

The nominations for the 2015 Summer Fest stories have been tallied and the results are in.

Congratulations to our top two nominated stories, Love Thy Neighbour by Alexannah  and  Surgery by Henna Hypsch! You both have been given featured status! Well done!

If you have an account on Potions and, please vote in the poll for which 2015 Summer Fest story you would like to become featured! Here are the following nominated choices:

A Happy Ending by darkorangecat

Guard Duty by thegoldenfirebolt

Summer of Bonding by Magica Draconia

The Fawn in Cokeworth by MsHuntergrl

What's Left Behind by JAWorley

Wishing on a Sticker by darkorangecat

Good luck to all and happy reading!

We are having a Summer Fic Fest on Potions and Snitches. Entries need to be posted before September. If you would like, you may create artwork or a drawing and post it on DeviantArt that answers the fest rules.

2015 Summer Fest Rules:

Create a work of art based off of a summer theme that incorporates one or more challenges. The Fest will close August 31. We will then open comments on the fanfiction archive for which stories to award featured status, and then vote. Please add your stories on the archive to the category Fic Fests - #18 Summer 2015

You may pick whatever challenges on the site you want to use. Whichever challenges you pick please add them to your description and if added to the archive please add them to your story by replying to the challenge link for each challenge. If you need help limiting the number of choices to choose from, here are some challenges to choose from.

Good luck!
Great news! We raised enough money to upgrade the site to resource level 3.  It should run faster now! I found a different way to upgrade and also discovered a discount code, so it was less than originally estimated. :) Hooray!

The site is paid and will now be up until January 2018!

Our costs for three years:
$191 for domain and server
$99.80 for resource upgrade to level 3
= $290.80

There is a 7.9% fee per donor on GoFundMe. We've had 28 donations so far.

Additional money will now be saved for the site being up past January 2018, and for prizes for future contests. :)

If you would like to donate more, here is the link!

Thank you so much everyone!

Long live Potions and Snitches! Chocolate frogs for everyone!

Hello everyone! With the need for Potions and to be crowd funded now, I created a GoFund me account for the site. The first $191 funds will pay for the current domain and server. Additional money will be used to upgrade the site and pay for additional years of use. If we reach our goal we'll be able to upgrade the site so that it loads faster and doesn't have so many time out errors.

If we raise more than our goal, the excess may be used to further develop the site, maybe buy some prizes for story winners.

If you'd like to donate, here is the site:

Thank you! Let's keep Potions and Snitches alive!

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